Being a teacher is a challenge but it is most certainly a noble one. The latest generation of children need more love and attention than ever before. Kids take solace from video games and new technology but it is up to you as a teacher to teach them not only the required curriculum, but also a thing or do about life that their parents may be too busy to tell them. After all, you will probably spend more time with their child than they do due to their working commitments. So right off the bat, you have to be prepared to have a positive influence on the child’s life.

Those who do teach tell you that it is their calling, that they knew what they wanted to be an educator from a very young age. Those who dream of being a teacher and helping others know that challenges await. Yet they also picture the smiling faces of the children and the rewarding feeling they will get from improving someone’s life as well as the three months paid holiday. Other teachers tell them that there is much to do in terms of work, but when they go home they smile, knowing that what they did today is so much better than in almost every other profession. Making a difference can start from your very first class and the best teachers are idolized by their students.

In America, almost a million teachers are coming towards retirement age within a short time frame and this is leaving a huge number of availabilities. This is great news for anyone who dreams of being a teacher as their dream could become reality. This shortage means that more teachers are required and there are many who are prepared to step in and teach the children what they need to know. You also have to take into account the expected rise in the student population which means even more teachers are required. So not only is this one of the most rewarding professions out there, it is also actively looking for young men and women to take on the job.

Although the recession have hit many areas hard, teaching is something that cannot be ignored by the government. Simply put, the country needs their children to be educated so that these bright minds can be at the forefront of an economic boom. Without teachers, the whole education system would be in tatters so the men and women who wake up every day and go into class to teach our children are the glue that holds society together.

To be a teacher takes courage and commitment and anyone who takes the plunge deserves the utmost respect because they are the helping the future of this great country. Future articles will look at the basic requirements of teaching as well as what separates good teachers from those who should never have taken up the profession in the first place. If you have dedication, determination and a love of educating and kids then read on because the following information is for you and you alone.