There is an old saying regarding animals that states “a pet is for life, not just for Christmas”. Something similar could be said about the teaching profession. Once you have decided you want to educate, then you have to be sure because it is a career choice, not just a flight of fancy. While there is nothing to stop you from changing your mind after a few years in the job, those who have teaching in their blood stay for life. With teaching, you are building something with every class you teach and some teachers are charged with teaching a particular subject to all classes which means you could be dealing with the same kids for five or six years.

No other job can adequately prepare you for teaching and there are certain things you will learn as you go along. As a teacher you are not just responsible for teaching what the board of education tells you to. In many ways you are the parent of a couple of dozen children. As well as increasing their literacy and proficiency in your area of expertise, you must also be a disciplinarian, an organizer, a facilitator and a negotiator. No teacher’s training program can prepare you fully for what is a challenging and rewarding experience but they will definitely help you in some key areas.

Unless most other vocations, your job as a teacher does not end when the bell rings to signal the end of another school day. While it is not quite as 24/7 as being a doctor, it is certainly more encompassing and involves a variety of things that may not be on the job description. Of course you are prepared for such eventualities as correcting homework, meeting your student’s parents and attending staff meetings, all of which can be time consuming. What you may not expect are calls from concerned parents or disaffected students. In this instance, you have to take your role as mentor outside the classroom.

You should definitely enrol in any one of the number of teacher training programs available across the nation if you’re serious about teaching as a career. These will prepare you to some degree in terms of teaching specific courses and you should learn as much about every subject as you can if you’re intent on teaching primary or high school children because you never know when you may be asked to fill in for someone. None of these courses will show you how to teach however. This is something that you are already gifted with or else you’ll learn it on the job.

Teachers are more than just someone who doles out homework and forces children to read aloud in class. They are an important part of how a child grows up and a great teacher can steer those kids who want to learn away from harmful distractions. Read on to discover what attributes a good teacher needs to have to get the best out of their students.