The old days of teachers wearing sweaters pulled up to their neck and having a face as plain as a sheet of paper in front of an exam student who didn’t study should be long gone. Yet, there are still teachers who dress like Puritans and with the huge amount of fashionable yet professional clothing available, there really is no excuse. Women will tell you that they live and die by make up, so don’t let the classroom restrict your use of the beauty brush. While you are there to educate children, there is no reason why you should have to sacrifice your appearance to do so.

This is not to say that you should be clad in layers of ‘war paint’ like you’re about to hit the nightclub, but you are allowed to cover any imperfections in your skin whilst accentuating your good facial areas. There is no real need to waste time and effort with foundation and you should move straight onto moisturizing. Tinted moisturizer should be your weapon of choice against the elements but should only be applied sparingly. Remember, you are trying to bring out your best features, not producing a passable Marcel Marceau impersonation.

Once you have taken care of the base the time comes to deal with your eyes and lips. It is a tricky task to apply just the right amount of lipstick and mascara to show off your ocean blue eyes or perfect pouting lips without looking like a showgirl. Avoid using any crazy colors when it comes to mascara. You should stick to gold or brown depending on which suits your skin and eyes best and it is unnecessary to apply anymore than two layers. Anything extra is overkill. As far as your lips are concerned, pick a shade that compliments your outfit if you can. Like with the mascara, excess application is to be avoided as is lipstick that gives off too much of a shine.

The great thing about teaching is that generally, you don’t have to wear the formal attire required of someone who works in say, a legal firm. You can ignore the frumpy suits that is the preserve of that profession and choose something a little more comfortable and elegant. It really depends on what age group you are teaching. If you’re dealing with young kids, it may be a good idea to avoid wearing anything expensive whereas if you teach in a college, you almost have carte blanche to wear what you like. So embrace this freedom and teach in style, so long as it is appropriate of course.