During the busy holiday season, teachers have the opportunity to give small gifts to their students, helpers, and colleagues. This opportunity can sometimes feel like a small feat when there are so many students and so little time. How can you make each one feel special without blowing your budget?

ID lanyards provide a great gift idea for students. You didn’t think that teachers were the only ones who could be served by handy ID badge lanyards, did you? For students, ID lanyards can be used in many ways. They can be used at home or at school, and can even add a little funk to school fashions.

Students love to feel good about how they look, and the ID lanyards that they wear for student ID cards could provide just the right amount of pizzazz to really make them shine. Today, as many teachers are finding, ID badge lanyards aren’t the same drab items they used to be. With a little searching, it is easy to find ID lanyards featuring smart designs such as tribal tattoos, skulls or even snowflakes.

With the many designs available in ID badge lanyards, teachers have the opportunity to purchase something special for each of the students on their shopping list. Although the name suggests that ID lanyards are for holding ID badges, these ropes worn around the neck or wrist can also hold small items such as keys. Since many students are entrusted to keys for their house, or have keys to their own vehicles, ID lanyards are ideal gifts.

Another inexpensive and personal gift for students is that of personalized writing paper. This is a gift that a teacher can make right at their own computer using Word. At the top of the document, type the student’s name and place a clip art image next to or underneath the name. Using Landscape setting, you can place two ‘pieces of paper’ on one sheet. Once printed, take the stationary to a printer for copying and binding. This is a small gift that kids love. It may even encourage their writing!

Students love gift bags filled with small goodies. This is true of students regardless of their age. Gift bags can be purchased in bulk or bought at a discount store, and can be filled with items including pencils and erasers. Students can use these items, no doubt. However, many teachers like to step outside of the norm. Don’t forget that ID lanyards can be placed into gift bags. So can key holders, travel games and coloring pens; home-made cookies, craft recipes and stuffed animals.

Buying or making gifts for students is a way for a teacher to give them something to remember for years to come. There is no need to take out a loan to buy extravagant gifts for each child; nor is it necessary to spend all of your free time making gifts from scratch. Balance is key so you can keep your sanity and actually enjoy the process.