As a teacher, there are many things on your plate day in and day out.  Because of the nature of your position, there are different groups of people that you will have to deal with from day to day, and a different hat you may wear for each.  On most days you’re in the classroom in front of students so most reliable tools for you is ID badge holders

In years past, ID badge holders were style-less, plain plastic cases.  Today, every teacher can showcase their personal style preferences with BooJee Beads decorative ID badge holders for every situation.  Does it really matter whether a teacher wears a stylish tool to hold their employee identification?  To some, it may be irrelevant.  But when you take into consideration the different people a teacher comes into contact with, ID badge holders that feature stylish and fun designs stand out as highly professional. 

Some teachers still prefer to carry their identification on a lanyard.   BooJee Beads has you covered there too.  The point is that no teacher – male or female – needs to stand in front of their students or sit in front of parents or peers without the latest and greatest way of professionally displaying small items used on a regular basis.

Some of the best tools available to teachers today are in the area of technology.  One new tool gaining popularity is Edmodo.  Edmodo is a safe social networking site developed by Jeff O’Hara, an educator who realized the potential of social media in the classroom.  Typically, social media sites are blocked in classrooms (and there is very good reason for this).  However, with Edmodo available only to students, parents and teachers given access to the site, sharing and networking has never been safer for classroom use.

In the twenty-first century classroom, technology is an integral part of learning.  With many schools focusing on project-based learning, where every assignment carries applicable real life applications, technology is an essential ingredient that can be utilized one hundred percent of the time.  Edmodo allows for a teacher-controlled social networking scenario in every classroom. 

One thing Edmodo does is allows teachers to meet students in an area that is familiar to them.  The site is set up to look very similar to Facebook, another social media site that many young people are familiar with.  One may question, why not just connect on the site already well-established.  The answer is that Edmodo is the only teacher controlled social media site out there at the moment. 

Edmodo is helpful for students who may have questions about assignments or for students who have missed a class.  With such easy access to teachers, other students and assignments that may be posted to the site, there is no reason to miss assignments and potentially fall behind in class. 

Students and teachers alike rave about this free site.  If you’re not already using it in your classroom, you may want to take a closer look at just how much this technology may be able to help you.