Great Gifts for Teachers and Nurses

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In today’s society, there are many jobs that require special skills and attention to detail. Working with the public generally takes a lot of expertise and patience. Careers that center on helping people are as demanding as they are rewarding. Nurses and teachers are two very important positions in our society. These individuals teach our children and care for the sick and elderly. If you know a teacher or nurse, you should remind them of just how special they are to you and to your community by providing them with a special gift. The simple gesture will speak volumes.

Often times, schools and hospitals require their staff to wear ID badges. The ID badges contain the employee’s name, title, and picture. IDs help to add an extra layer of protection to public facilities and eliminate the possibility of criminals or strangers gaining access to the property.

It can be very frustrating for both teachers and nurses to keep track of their IDs during the workday. Both jobs require the employee to be on their feet and running around constantly. A great gift for a nurse or a teacher is something that will add style and functionality to their lives. Lanyards and badge holders are a great way to help teachers and nurses keep all of their important IDs together. You can wear a lanyard around your neck or drape it around your wrist for instant and easy access to all of your essential IDs. ID badge holders perfectly group together all of the vital IDs so the nurse or teacher don’t have to rummage through their pockets or purses to find them.

Lanyards and badge holders can also be customized to make them extra special. Create a personalized lanyard using your favorite teacher’s or nurse’s favorite color. You can also add their name onto the back of the ID badge holders for extra security. Try adding a picture of an apple onto the back of a teacher’s ID badge or an image of a heart onto the back of a nurse’s. This little characteristic will make them smile each time they look at their ID badge and help them to remember just how special they were to you.

Beaded lanyards are a great way for teachers or nurses to add some style to their work outfit. Beaded lanyards resemble chic necklaces but have all of the functionality of a regular lanyard. The teacher or nurse can wear their beaded lanyard like a necklace and have their look work overtime for them.

Be sure to include a personal note with their gift. This note will allow them to know how you feel and may help them love doing their job even more.

Teachers and nurses are two very important careers. It takes a lot of dedication to be a nurse or teacher and allows the person to give back to the community. Try showing your favorite teacher or nurse just how special they are to you by giving them a functional gift.


How to Play Nice and Still Win the Game

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Every office has its politics, and schools are no exception. In fact, it’s often more challenging because of the variety and complexity of the relationships (parents, students, administrators, parents, school boards, unions, federal and state regulators, community and media) and the substitution of consensus for accountability in many instances.

First, it is important to keep your head out of the sand. Most teachers get into education because they desire to help people and to assist their students fulfill dreams, but that does not mean they cannot be territorial and petty. Be alert to the possibility of saboteurs in your department. Most of us dislike gossip on principle, but keeping your ears open may help you identify social landmines in advance.

Second, develop your professional network. Build relationships with potential antagonists. Give gifts, like beaded lanyards, to the office secretaries. If you are introverted, this suggestion may sound disconcerting, but make a point of eating lunch in the lounge as opposed to at your desk. As you develop friendships across the board, you are (1) multiplying your “ears” so that you can find out as soon as possible any rumors that may start about you, and (2) protecting your back, by developing a rapport with individuals who will champion for you should rumors begin. And taking this step will help you to build good working relationships; and that’s what you really want.

Third, have a plan. When office politics get into full swing, knowing your options for response can be invaluable. Check out Timothy Johnson’s post where he offers the following methods for resolving the matter:

1) Direct confrontation, with witnesses. Schedule a time to confront the individual in person with trusted witnesses there to support you. But beware of passive-aggressive retaliation!

2) Conditional assistance: Make it clear that you would like to help, but you fear possible negative backlash; this option will demonstrate to outsiders how the saboteur’s behavior is hurtful to the entire school body, not just you personally.

3) Documentation trump card: If the slander or conspiracy is in written form, keep a record. If overheard, make a note of the time and date and exact verbiage.

4) Maintain your own character: Do not lower your personal standards of decency. Remain above board in all areas of your behavior; for example, keep your ID in a badge holder so that you can maintain the school’s rules at all times.

5) Divide and conquer: Meet with your adversaries one-on-one and see if you can bring them over to your side in the matter. Do something nice for them, like giving them a beaded lanyard, or an ID badge holders with their favorite sports team. Identify their goals and see if you can help them achieve those ends through less destructive means.

Fourth, have a supportive personal network. Recognize that your identity is not defined by what happens at work. Expand your personal interests and remain in close contact with friends and family. Then, whatever happens at the office can stay at the office. And, in the worst case, they can help you identify new opportunities for employment if your office becomes excessively toxic.

Helpful Tools to Help Teachers Get the Job Done

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As a teacher, there are many things on your plate day in and day out.  Because of the nature of your position, there are different groups of people that you will have to deal with from day to day, and a different hat you may wear for each.  On most days you’re in the classroom in front of students so most reliable tools for you is ID badge holders

In years past, ID badge holders were style-less, plain plastic cases.  Today, every teacher can showcase their personal style preferences with BooJee Beads decorative ID badge holders for every situation.  Does it really matter whether a teacher wears a stylish tool to hold their employee identification?  To some, it may be irrelevant.  But when you take into consideration the different people a teacher comes into contact with, ID badge holders that feature stylish and fun designs stand out as highly professional. 

Some teachers still prefer to carry their identification on a lanyard.   BooJee Beads has you covered there too.  The point is that no teacher – male or female – needs to stand in front of their students or sit in front of parents or peers without the latest and greatest way of professionally displaying small items used on a regular basis.

Some of the best tools available to teachers today are in the area of technology.  One new tool gaining popularity is Edmodo.  Edmodo is a safe social networking site developed by Jeff O’Hara, an educator who realized the potential of social media in the classroom.  Typically, social media sites are blocked in classrooms (and there is very good reason for this).  However, with Edmodo available only to students, parents and teachers given access to the site, sharing and networking has never been safer for classroom use.

In the twenty-first century classroom, technology is an integral part of learning.  With many schools focusing on project-based learning, where every assignment carries applicable real life applications, technology is an essential ingredient that can be utilized one hundred percent of the time.  Edmodo allows for a teacher-controlled social networking scenario in every classroom. 

One thing Edmodo does is allows teachers to meet students in an area that is familiar to them.  The site is set up to look very similar to Facebook, another social media site that many young people are familiar with.  One may question, why not just connect on the site already well-established.  The answer is that Edmodo is the only teacher controlled social media site out there at the moment. 

Edmodo is helpful for students who may have questions about assignments or for students who have missed a class.  With such easy access to teachers, other students and assignments that may be posted to the site, there is no reason to miss assignments and potentially fall behind in class. 

Students and teachers alike rave about this free site.  If you’re not already using it in your classroom, you may want to take a closer look at just how much this technology may be able to help you.