Small Gifts Students Love

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During the busy holiday season, teachers have the opportunity to give small gifts to their students, helpers, and colleagues. This opportunity can sometimes feel like a small feat when there are so many students and so little time. How can you make each one feel special without blowing your budget?

ID lanyards provide a great gift idea for students. You didn’t think that teachers were the only ones who could be served by handy ID badge lanyards, did you? For students, ID lanyards can be used in many ways. They can be used at home or at school, and can even add a little funk to school fashions.

Students love to feel good about how they look, and the ID lanyards that they wear for student ID cards could provide just the right amount of pizzazz to really make them shine. Today, as many teachers are finding, ID badge lanyards aren’t the same drab items they used to be. With a little searching, it is easy to find ID lanyards featuring smart designs such as tribal tattoos, skulls or even snowflakes.

With the many designs available in ID badge lanyards, teachers have the opportunity to purchase something special for each of the students on their shopping list. Although the name suggests that ID lanyards are for holding ID badges, these ropes worn around the neck or wrist can also hold small items such as keys. Since many students are entrusted to keys for their house, or have keys to their own vehicles, ID lanyards are ideal gifts.

Another inexpensive and personal gift for students is that of personalized writing paper. This is a gift that a teacher can make right at their own computer using Word. At the top of the document, type the student’s name and place a clip art image next to or underneath the name. Using Landscape setting, you can place two ‘pieces of paper’ on one sheet. Once printed, take the stationary to a printer for copying and binding. This is a small gift that kids love. It may even encourage their writing!

Students love gift bags filled with small goodies. This is true of students regardless of their age. Gift bags can be purchased in bulk or bought at a discount store, and can be filled with items including pencils and erasers. Students can use these items, no doubt. However, many teachers like to step outside of the norm. Don’t forget that ID lanyards can be placed into gift bags. So can key holders, travel games and coloring pens; home-made cookies, craft recipes and stuffed animals.

Buying or making gifts for students is a way for a teacher to give them something to remember for years to come. There is no need to take out a loan to buy extravagant gifts for each child; nor is it necessary to spend all of your free time making gifts from scratch. Balance is key so you can keep your sanity and actually enjoy the process.


Showing Appreciation to Fellow Teachers

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Teachers know better than anyone how nice it feels to receive gifts of appreciation.  Throughout each school year, teachers receive cards or gifts from students and their families; but how often do teachers show appreciation for one another?  The opportunities are certainly there.  It would seem that an environment in which team teachers and coworkers take these opportunities would actually be an environment where morale is high and productivity soars.

If you have worked with, or continually work with, any teacher or even office staff that goes out of their way to provide assistance to you, your students, or other people, you have the opportunity to show appreciation.  And hence, you have the opportunity to encourage this person and brighten their day.  Here are a few ways you can show that you appreciate the job someone else is doing.

  • ID badge lanyards are highly used in school settings, and therefore make ideal gifts for any teacher or school employee.  Most of the time, teachers wear ID badge lanyards that were either given to them by the school office or that they picked up at an educational conference.  This means they probably lack that certain panache that adds polish to work attire.

When you want to offer a special gift to someone at your school, consider the lanyard.  Today, ID badge lanyards are available in many different styles and themes that teachers love.  Providing all the same convenience for carrying keys or badges, lanyards today can also look very polished and professional.

  • When you work closely with someone, you can get to know their likes and dislikes.  Perhaps you know of a special hobby or interest a fellow teacher has.  This makes giving them a small gift easier; as you can tailor it to their personal interests.
  • Teachers can always use helping hands, as you are well aware.  Showing appreciation for a fellow teacher doesn’t have to be done with gifts that you purchase; it could be done by helping them where you can.   Perhaps you can take their lunch duty for a day to give them time away.  Acts of service are kind and thoughtful.  There are many ways you can provide service to a fellow teacher that won’t interfere with your own duties.  This is a gift that costs nothing and leaves you both feeling great.
  • Another gift that costs nothing is that of a note.  Teachers like to hear that they have done well at something; we all do.  If you know another teacher who has gone out of their way, taught you something, inspired you or somehow helped you, tell them.  It doesn’t get any simpler than that!  Keep blank note cards in your desk so you can write notes to others when the opportunity arises.  It pays to just say thanks.

Receiving accolades from peers is a high honor that professionals love to be treated to.  In the school setting, there is no need to leave the praise to students and families.  Teachers can and should take it upon themselves to continually life one another up and encourage those around them.  Doing so can only result in a more positive environment.