Great Gifts for Teachers and Nurses

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In today’s society, there are many jobs that require special skills and attention to detail. Working with the public generally takes a lot of expertise and patience. Careers that center on helping people are as demanding as they are rewarding. Nurses and teachers are two very important positions in our society. These individuals teach our children and care for the sick and elderly. If you know a teacher or nurse, you should remind them of just how special they are to you and to your community by providing them with a special gift. The simple gesture will speak volumes.

Often times, schools and hospitals require their staff to wear ID badges. The ID badges contain the employee’s name, title, and picture. IDs help to add an extra layer of protection to public facilities and eliminate the possibility of criminals or strangers gaining access to the property.

It can be very frustrating for both teachers and nurses to keep track of their IDs during the workday. Both jobs require the employee to be on their feet and running around constantly. A great gift for a nurse or a teacher is something that will add style and functionality to their lives. Lanyards and badge holders are a great way to help teachers and nurses keep all of their important IDs together. You can wear a lanyard around your neck or drape it around your wrist for instant and easy access to all of your essential IDs. ID badge holders perfectly group together all of the vital IDs so the nurse or teacher don’t have to rummage through their pockets or purses to find them.

Lanyards and badge holders can also be customized to make them extra special. Create a personalized lanyard using your favorite teacher’s or nurse’s favorite color. You can also add their name onto the back of the ID badge holders for extra security. Try adding a picture of an apple onto the back of a teacher’s ID badge or an image of a heart onto the back of a nurse’s. This little characteristic will make them smile each time they look at their ID badge and help them to remember just how special they were to you.

Beaded lanyards are a great way for teachers or nurses to add some style to their work outfit. Beaded lanyards resemble chic necklaces but have all of the functionality of a regular lanyard. The teacher or nurse can wear their beaded lanyard like a necklace and have their look work overtime for them.

Be sure to include a personal note with their gift. This note will allow them to know how you feel and may help them love doing their job even more.

Teachers and nurses are two very important careers. It takes a lot of dedication to be a nurse or teacher and allows the person to give back to the community. Try showing your favorite teacher or nurse just how special they are to you by giving them a functional gift.


How to Prepare for Substitute Teaching

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Substitute teaching can be taxing, with its varied and inconsistent scheduling. New locations, new children, new lesson plans, and new expectations every morning can be draining.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle. As a substitute teacher, not much is inside your circle of influence, but you are at the center of it. Taking care of yourself is absolutely the most important thing you can do to succeed at substitute teaching. First, stay fit. If you cannot exercise in the morning because you are waiting by the phone, exercise in the evening, stopping by the gym on the way home or walking around the neighborhood with your spouse after dinner. Second, eat well. Meal planning and preparing food in advance is crucial for this step. Over the weekend, make several meals, doubling or even tripling the recipe and freeze single portion sizes in Tupperware in the freezer for you to take to work as lunches.

Use your crockpot: stick a roast or chicken breasts with Asian or Mexican spices and a can of diced tomatoes and you have dinner ready when you come home. Third, get at least eight hours of sleep every night. Change is one of the most exhausting circumstances an individual can face; you face continual change every day. Let your body recover each night. Last, look good. For women especially, the way you look influences your mood. When you dress in a power suit, you feel powerful. When you dress in a skirt, you feel feminine. If you have uniform requirements like lanyards and badge holders, personalize them with a beaded lanyard or decorative badge holder.

Embrace the change. Some personality types are naturally more flexible than others, but even if you prefer structure and organization, you can choose to focus on the positive elements rather than the negative elements of substitute teaching. You have the opportunity to reach a greater number of children every day than other teachers. You have a greater challenge because you do not have an established rapport with the students, but as a newcomer you may be able to reach them in ways their teacher was not. Always keep a lesson plan for each grade prepared in case the teacher does not have one ready when you arrive. Since you get to decide what to cover that day, you can talk about things that you like and get the students excited about subjects they may not have covered previously.

Remember to stay organized, keeping your important documents and ID on lanyards and badge holders so that you can show security you belong and are a staff member in case they ask. You might look into buying an attractive beaded lanyard that matches most of your outfits.

At all times, remember that teaching is your calling, not just an occupation. You got into teaching because you love learning and sharing your knowledge with others. Do not get frustrated! As Robert Louis Stevenson said, “Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant.”

Two Trouble-spots Trouble-shot

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Student Field Trips

Field trips have become an expected part of our children’s educational experience. Unfortunately, no matter how far in advance you prepare, field trips can quite often be an organizational nightmare. Whether you are planning the event or your school’s administration is setting up the opportunity, make sure you have the information you need several days in advance so that you can develop a plan of action and communicate it to everyone involved.

• Will parents be driving or is the school hiring buses?
• Will the students be meeting in your classroom first or out in the parking lot?
• Which forms need to be signed?
• What will you do with students without permission forms?
• Who should you contact when you arrive?
• What items are allowed and prohibited?
• Will the students need a sack lunch?

Most places that you go will require name badges for every student. Plan ahead and purchase lanyards and badge holders for every child and a beaded lanyard for yourself, so that all you need to do is slip the child’s badge into place and hand them out the morning of the trip. Instead of making the lanyards out of yarn, invest in quality lanyards and badge holders, so that you can reuse them for years to come.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Every parent is unique, but knowing the common parent profiles will help you identify and prepare. It is likely that you will see the following two parent types show up at your next set of conferences.

The Over-Involved Parent: You probably know this parent by name. They are your Room Mom, the PTO President, and the Office Volunteer. You receive feedback on every graded piece of paper sent home, often with suggestions for improvement (yours, not their child’s). With this parent, it is important that you make them feel heard while remaining in control of the conversation. Use empathic listening to reiterate what they say back to them, and then reassure them that you are qualified to handle every situation that presents itself in your classroom.

The Out-of-Touch Parent: You are lucky if this parent shows up the conference at all. They often fall into two camps: the well-meaning but over committed-elsewhere parent and the parents who do not see the value of being involved in this aspect of their child’s life. For the first, have a snapshot of the school year in hand: (1) their child’s strengths, (2) their child’s needs for improvement, and (3) a short directive about how they can help you in the future. For the second, have literature emphasizing the importance of parental involvement in a student’s success ready. Ask them for a specific commitment; for example, “please listen to Susie read aloud for 10 minutes each day and initial her journal.” You cannot force them to do so, but having concrete instructions with an easily-inspected report card may help.

With every parent-teacher conference, you want to look your best and display your professionalism. One way to be fashionable and professional is to wear your ID and keys on a beaded lanyards.

Teachers Get in on the BooJee Beads Craze

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Teachers of children of all ages have a unique setting to work in.  Some teachers may find it difficult to determine their own professional image on the job, when surrounded by the latest fashion trends of their students.  Instead of struggling to find footing in the realm of how to present to administration, peers, students and parents, considering some of the tips found here and using BooJee Beads style can help to create a unique image in the workplace.

Lanyards and badge holders are widely used on campuses all over the world.  These tools are handy, affordable and useful for holding classroom keys, employee identification or other small items.  Teachers can become more organized through the use of lanyards and badge holders; but may not realize just how much these tools can improve image in the classroom.

When looking for your own unique teacher style, think first of how you wish to be perceived.  This could be different based on who you interact with.  You want your students to feel comfortable with you; but also see you as an authority to respect and look up to.  Teaching small children, the elementary teacher could incorporate decorative lanyards and badge holders featuring colors and themes small children are drawn to. 

With the styles of BooJee Beads, you can wear employee identification or classroom keys in perfect style, and feel great about your professional look at work.  Whether the day consists of meetings with peers or parents, or a day spent in front of the class, you want to feel as though you fit into the image you have of yourself on the job. 

It is recommended that teachers wear comfortable clothing, especially because they are on their feet most of the day.  However, comfort does not equal overly casual.  To compliment your BooJee Beads lanyards, maintain your professional image with comfortable slacks over jeans and conservative shoes over flip flops or sandals that are more fitting for a day at the park.

Dressing for the classroom could include slacks or khaki’s.  Dresses and skirts for women may be comfortable and make you feel very good at work.  When this is the case, the overwhelming response is “go for it”!  However, dressing up is not the aim; being professional and comfortable is the goal for any teacher. 

When you approach your professional attire, just remember that comfort does not come only in the form of loose jeans or oversized sweaters.  Remember that, although your primary audience is a group of youngsters, there are other eyes on you as a teacher.  When put in the situation of meeting with parents, a teacher must present n a way that shows they are in charge at all times and the person to count on when it comes to a child’s learning process. 

Much is stated by the way a person dresses.  So while the classroom is not your runway, it is important to take professional image into account each and every day.